What is Curio?

Actionable insights come from well formulated questions and good questions come from smart and curious people who want to improve their business.

Curio Consulting is a partnership of market research and communications strategy professionals who have experience assisting their clients articulate and answer these questions for a variety of sectors:

  • automotive
  • personal finance
  • consumer packaged goods
  • green business & lifestyle
  • interactive & mobile technology
  • retail
  • software
  • user experience
  • adult beverages
  • design
  • energy
  • real estate
  • advertising

We leverage this breadth of experience through the use of progressive techniques, such as online focus group moderating and remote user testing, while being well versed in traditional face to face and analog methods.

Curio can also provide marketing strategies based on the insights we acquire from our thorough and progressive research or create and moderate inspiring environments where business stakeholders can come together to find a strategic way forward. If you have a need, we have a way.

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